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Questions About Brazilian Waxing Answered!
By Feuza Reis
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For your convenience, the center of permanent hair removal "Epil-and-You" uses lukewarm wax.
Our professionals have 25 years of experience

Being a daughter of a Brazilian Waxologist, I see new clients come in week after week to get their first ever Brazilian Bikini Wax but then they vanish and do not return on a regular basis. I know my mom is a great waxologist, one of the best so I know it was not her service but had to be something else so I asked my mother why is that? She said in a heavy Brazilian accent "because it HURTS and not everyone can take it". If you fall into that scenario or you are a regular and you wish your BBW or other body waxing hurt less then read on!
The number one cause of pain in getting any type of body waxing is fear. Have you ever gotten your eyebrow waxed and found your self twitching your forehead causing that wrinkle between your eyes ? You naturally react and tighten your muscles as defense fearing that hot wax against your skin. Well for Brazilian Waxing, we are dealing with a much more sensitive area and being uptight and nervous is the worse thing you can do. So the number one and most important tip is to RELAX. You might be thinking, impossible! But it really is possible and will make a world of a difference I guarantee this alone will lesson the pain tremendously, for me it has cut off the pain by 50%. When you come in for your appointment all nervous, you tighten up your muscles and nerve endings increasing the sense of pain which sucks for you and it becomes uncomfortable for your waxologist to do her job. So how do you go from being all uptight to relaxed? Well it takes practice, you need to train your self to lay there comfortably as relaxed as possible. Once your skin is relaxed, the waxologist can then move around as she needs to. If you are like me, you probably try to hold on to something right before the pain, well stop it, this makes it worse. So for your next appointment with any body waxing your task is to take deep breaths, stop holding onto things and loosen up your muscles. In a way it is a mind game and you need to train your brain to do this. It is not impossible and it works.A good waxoligist also looks for ways to aid in lessoning the pain and she will greatly appreciate a relaxed client who will even give her a hand in holding skin so she can quickly wax off.
This brings me to the second important tip, finding a good waxologist. Nowadays almost every nail joint has a sign that says WAXING and some even say Brazilian Waxing but that does not mean they know how to properly wax.So do your homework, ask for referrals and go to a professional. On my next article I will give you a check list for tips on finding a good waxologist. Once you know you found someone you can trust and are comfortable with, then your body waxing experience is more relaxed and thus less painful.
The third important tip is to develop a routine. The more you get your body waxed, the less it hurts. Try this test, if you are getting your legs waxed, the waxologist will start on one leg and it starts hurting then it gets better, when she goes to the other leg, it starts hurting way more. Why is that? It is because your brain was letting your body know in the first leg that you are getting used to the movements and even the pain and then when it jumps to a new leg, it is a new area so your brain alerts you of the pain in the new area. So if you establish a monthly routine for yourself, not only will you train your body to the practice but your hair will start thinning out having less and less hair each time which equals to less pain.
A trick I had in getting my Brazilian Wax was to wax my legs and Bikini line on same appointment, I would wax my legs first and then do my Bikini but to my surprise during my last appointment, the waxologist said we are doing the bikini area first and that is final. I was like YIKES, I am in trouble. She said it would be better to get the worst part done first, and to my astonishment she was absolutely right. It was over with so quickly which gave me a confidence and I felt like oh I can do that again and it really did hurt less. I was so shocked and threw my little trick out the window so now it is time to throw yours out and try these tips mentioned above in order for you to enjoy the results of your body waxing even more.
The reason why I am talking about pain is because I am not tolerant to it, I am a wus and I do not even get the full Brazilian Waxing done so I am the first to need this advice because waxing is a vital part of my life, it is part of the beauty aspect in being a woman.
You probably heard about the Brazilian Bikini Waxing on some TV show like 'Sex in the City' or Oprah perhaps you have read about it in some magazine and sparked curiosity in getting one done but yo'u'e not sure if it is right for you. Well for some going Brazilian has become a natural part of their monthly routine while for others it is a thought they are battling in their heads. If you are in either situation, here are some tips, which will aid you in your decision and keep you going in your hygiene and look.
First and foremost, what is a Brazilian Bikini Wax? As mentioned in my other article "Brazilian Bikini Wax- Hear the real story" a Brazilian Bikini Wax is the hair removal of pubic region using hot wax. A Brazilian Bikini Wax has become known in the USA as the full removal of pubic hair and not only the bikini line. Please keep in mind that you do not have to remove all pubic hair and that there are several different looks one can get you must decide which one is right for you.
Will it hurt? absolutely but the pain does lesson with time, for more info on the pain factor- read my next article "Tips on Lessoning the Bikini Wax PAIN". Will it be uncomfortable? Absolutely; it is similar to going to your gynecologist. You go into a room and they say take your clothes off and you lay in an uncomfortable position, but all of this will change once you become familiar with the procedure and place. Here are some important steps for you first timers.
1- Find a waxing salon, like Epil-et-Vous" that is experienced in Bikini Waxing. The best places are the ones friends recommend. Word of mouth is best option so you can get a feel of the place, it's staff, and price. As a native Brazilian, I recommend Brazilian Waxoligists.
2- Prepare your self mentally. You need to first think about the reasons behind your decision. Is it to please a mate, to please your self of it can be for plain hygiene. Most women who get one done on a routine basis start out with reasons #1 and #2 but lean towards the #3 later. It gives them a clean fresh feel and look. It is like that feeling of getting your car cleaned or your hair done, just got do it. Also preparing your self mentally for the pain is important. It is not like getting a tattoo but there is some pain involved. The most vital thing is to relax and let the expert do her job.
3- Prepare your self physically. Plan your appointment wisely, on a day where you are not crazy busy and have time to preferably shower, arrive early and ask any questions you might have. Some people like to take Motrin or Advil before their appointment to ease the pain
4- Prepare your self financially. A good Brazilian Waxing place will charge from $50-$80 for a full Bikini. If it is too cheap, I would be skeptical, I would not think I found a great deal but would be concerned that if they do authentic Brazilian Waxing.
Still thinking if it is right for you? All experiences are not the same, so you will not know until you try it but now you have a better understanding of the process and price. Once you go through it you will know if it is something you will do again. Some say they will not but find them selves coming back for more it makes them feel great about them selves while others can not see themselves with out it. Let us face it, it is really about you, your needs and wants. You can share your stories on my blog:
The famous Brazilian Waxing even mentioned on cartoon movies such as robots still have people scratch their heads imagining what it really means. Every week my mother gets new first timers at her waxing salon and many have no idea what it really involves so hear are 5 common questions answered. Waxing is the removal of unwanted hair using a hot or cold wax, Brazilian Waxing is the removal of hair involving the bikini line which includes removal of pubic hair.
The automatic thought when one says Brazilian Bikini Waxing is the removal of all pubic hair so the first question is-
1-Do you have to wax all your pubic hair? It is your choice, you decide. This is more an American myth regarding waxing. As the name implies, Bikini waxing is really aimed for waxing the bikini line, leaving a clean fresh look by removing hair that might be seen when using a bathing suit. Most Brazilians get the bikini line done, which includes: inner thigh, and a strip or triangle look. But keep in mind when you go to a waxing salon, and you say Brazilian Bikini Waxing it means the removal of all pubic hair so be specific.
2-What are the different looks I can get? BBW: when American customers ask for this, they mean strip it all. Baby look. Caution: you will have a shadow meaning tinted area where you have had those hairs all your life.
Landing Strip: The Hitler look: A rectangle strip very close to the inner labia.
Triangle: This is closer to what actually Brazilians get. The objective is too remove all hair that would be seen if you were wearing a Brazilian bikini (not a thong- that is another myth regarding Brazilian swim wear). But it is very thoroughly done, being your inner thigh, which joins your but area.
MISC: Some estheticians are actually trained in pubic hair design where the wax the hair creative shapes such as hearts, flowers, circles etc. This is mainly done for special occasions.
3- What does it mean when they say turn around and let us do you your back?
If a waxologist says okay now turn around and let us do your back this actually means the removal of unwanted hair in your inner butt cheeks- sounds like it hurts? It does not since that skin is very thick and coarse. I had no idea this was done until I went to a salon in Brazil and asked for bikini waxing and she said okay turn around- I was like I have no idea what this woman is about to do and I chickened out. Only the second time I was like okay. It is a very strange thing to have someone look in there but it feels great afterwards and adds a nice finishing touch to your wax.
4- What are the different kinds of wax available?
Cold or hot wax or lukewarm like by "Epil-et-Vous" :
People who wax their eyebrows, upper lips, underarms etc usually know that there is cold wax and hot wax available. Hot wax is favored due to the way it is applied and the heat helps dilate the pours aiding the removal of the hair follicle. It also helps lesson of the pain and cold wax is becoming a thing of the past but both can still be found.
Now the most common types of wax are honey, resin, algae, and even chocolate. Ranging from honey color, dark chocolate color to even aqua blue. Some people might be allergic to certain kinds of wax. I have broken out from one particular wax once so ask the type of wax used.
5. How is it applied?
Roll on or by stick. The esthetician uses a plastic tube, which carries hot wax inside. They roll on the wax and remove it with piece of specified paper or piece of cloth. This is preferred for legs since a wider range is need and its time effective. Stick: A wooden stick is used for eyebrows, upper lip, underarms and bikini wax. Plastic: In Brazil, actually they sometimes pre-fix the wax on pieces of plastic, slab it on and peel. Finger: There is a special type of wax ideal for small areas, which is applied with a stick but removed with the finder. This wax quickly hardens and it is quickly removed with the finger. I personally like this method because it is quick and less painful but I get it done in Brazil and by family members. But this does exist. Cloth: The wax is applied with the stick then pieces of loincloth used to remove the wax.
Happy Waxing!

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